You are currently viewing Virility and Potency Explained and How it Helps Improve Your Sex Drive

The male sexual capabilities are measured in terms of potency and virility. Virility embraces the concept of potency, hence it is much wider and encompassing. The idea of potency is well contained in virility.

No man will be able to possess all the properties of potency and virility at a given time. Well, truth be told that Superman does not exist. Men have distinct qualities and there are those that have more of others, and still, be regarded as potent and virile.


Who Is The ‘Virile’ Man?

Virility in a man can be described as someone who possesses the following capabilities:

  1. Great appetite for sex. He craves for sex at all times, both physically and mentally. The sexual urge is centered on his pelvis and radiates all throughout the entire body.
  2. Has the physical ability to perform sex and be able to endure long sexual activities. These he can handle without getting easily exhausted, physically tired, or be mentally bored by sex.
  3. The idea of virility is contained in the ability to be aroused easily, both physically and mentally through the entire act and obtain strong feelings of the plateau during his orgasm.
  4. He is a man who is most sensitive to the physical and emotional reactions of his partner and fulfills the wishes of his partner with or without a device. He is likewise sensitive to his own needs, and he can negotiate it in a good way until his partner fulfills his urges.
  5. Virile men get easily aroused upon seeing various human sexual attributes or when there is a strong sensual stimulus of sexual conditions. His sex orientation and preferences will depend on his type of partner, but this does not limit him to a particular type to such an extent that other types of visible sexual attributes will ever leave him aroused.
  6. He can work fast and vigorously during sex. But he likewise has the sensitivity and intelligence not to be overly enthusiastic but adjusts them to a leave that is best felt by him and his partner.
  7. He is always sexually creative. He knows how to handle his partner and himself so both of them receive the utmost satisfaction and stimulation every time.
  8. He is a good leader when it comes to foreplay. Through the main sexual ‘act ‘ and during the entire play before the act, he ensures his partner is relaxed and enjoying the act. He is sensitive to provide leadership to his partner whenever appropriate for them to achieve both their goals and aspirations.


Who Is The ‘Potent’ Man?

Potency in men pertains to his physical abilities especially that of the male organ and the rest of the sexual equipment to function well and accomplish orgasm. The potency is considered a subset of the all-encompassing concept of virility. Here are a few –

  1. He gets aroused at the right time. He also gets a hard-on that is firm and stable and capable of stimulating the right feelings in his partner.
  2. He maintains his erection for a long time which can be for as long as he wants it to be.
  3. His penis can grow very large during erections. His erections can be really hard but stable There is one exception to this. A lot of potent men have a penis well engorged with blood all the time and so it can look adequate. In this case, the penis will not have to grow more to reach a full erection in any case. Additionally, there is a debate about a thicker penis compared with a longer one. The potent man knows how to use his penis, no matter the size.
  4. He can ejaculate vigorously with the right form of contractions in the muscles around his pelvis. This is when the semen is released with too much pressure. The potent man has orgasms that can last long, and his genital can pump a long time during his period of orgasms.
  5. He is capable of producing semen. Specifically, healthy semen capable of reproduction and propagation.
  6. The potent man is 100% fertile. His semen can contain a substantial concentration of sperm cells. The quality of his sperm cells are good and is able to fertilize that of his partner.