Jelqing Video

1. The video shows the Power J Gym being used on what is a standard size penis. As you can see in the video, the rollers run from the base of the penis to the head. It is perfectly comfortable which is evident from the stimulation received by the user. The penis should be inserted directly between the two rollers. Then use the handles to close the device.

The harder you hold the device down the more pressure is applied by the rollers. If you are not sure how to jelq it is important to start slowly. Though within a few minutes you’ll automatically realize if you’re doing something wrong. The objective is to keep the blood running through the length of the penis which builds pressure between the glans and base. If you have jelqed before then, the comfort associated with these rollers

2. As stated before and in the jelqing video it is clear that the Power J Gym® works on the principles of regular hand jelqing. The objective here too is the same which is to pump blood within the cavities of the penis which encourages them to expand. But when using the hand, the skin is stretched which is not something that we want. Plus, you’re applying uneven pressure.

Even though the penis is a gland but like muscles, they can be stimulated to grow with exercise. Generally, muscles grow as cells are broken down and repaired. The newly repaired cells are bigger and stronger than their predecessors. Here a similar principle is applied to the penis. As the device runs across the penis, it is pumping blood and breaking down cells but ever so slightly. It is also stretching out the penis.The result is better stimulation and quicker recovery from the workout. You also don’t run the danger of overdoing it.

Pro tip: During the winter our skin can become dry which can make the rollers a little difficult to run across the penis. A great way to make things easier is to use petroleum jelly or some other form of lubricant. While the rollers will not need lubrication but running the rollers across dry skin can cause a burning sensation. However, if you don’t have dry skin lubrication isn’t required.

Over Doing it

We know many men watching the jelqing video are thinking that there could be a way that you end up doing too much jelqing. Honestly, there is no way you’re going to go overboard. The Power J Gym® is designed to ensure that you don’t in any way endanger your penis. Even if you go at it for an hour a day which is 2x our recommended time there will be no adverse effects solely because of the way this device is designed.

Do You Need to Know How to Jelq?

The Power J Gym® is a device which is designed for everyone regardless of if you are an expert at jelqing or are new to it. It is designed to apply just enough stimulation and intensity to encourage the growth of the penis. So, you don’t need even to understand how jelqing works or ever read about jelqing. The results will nevertheless be the same.

What the Power J Gym® does is save people from is overdoing it or doing it incorrectly. We have over the years seen manual jelqers making mistakes which end up bruising their penis and causing a load of other trouble. The Power J Gym® is foolproof; there is no wrong way to use it. Plus, the intensity can be varied depending on what you feel is working best.

Fact: All that’s needed is to use the device for 15- 30 minutes a day. You can also use it for 15 minutes twice a day.

The Best Device

We know that while pictures can be worth a thousand words a video can be worth over a million. So, no matter how many photos we show you or how much research you read through nothing beats watching the device in action.

The mentioned videos demonstrate the Power J Gym in action. Many of our newbie users had requested a demonstration to ensure that they are doing it right. The jelqing videos above will obviously show a penis, and so it isn’t favorable for anyone under 18 years of age to watch. With that said let’s get to watching our state-of-the-art Power J Gym in action.

Anyone who is concerned about their sexual health but does not know how to jelq should use the Power J Gym®. It is a no-brainer for a man who wants to increase penis size and girth. As you can see in the jelqing video, the process is simple and does not require putting in anything extra other than using the device.Even if you’re not fully erect the device will help you become harder gradually with procedural stimulation. That said you are not required to force or run the device harder or faster through the penis. We strongly recommend a light hand, but a gradual and consistent speed for best results.
Men have used Jelqing for several hundred years in the middle east. While we in the west are just rediscovering its many benefits, it has been proven to work. Plus, it the only method which does not endanger your sexual health. The Power J Gym® further hones the whole process of jelqing by streamlining it.The Power J Gym® is easy to use, comes with a complete list of replacement parts that you can buy separately and a manual. So, there is nothing that can go wrong. However, don’t take our word for it speak to your doctor.

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