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For many years, penis size is one of the strongest bases of virility and masculinity. That is why millions of men all over the world are looking for effective penis enlargement remedies and ways to increase the length and girth of their penises. Some even result in outrages ways of increasing it, like letting snakes bite their penises. 

Although the micropenis is a condition wherein the penis is measured less than 3 inches when erect, there are still some men who think that their penis is too small even though it is relatively on the normal size. And the most concerning thing about men who are not satisfied with their penises is having a SPA or small penis anxiety. This situation makes men very anxious to undress around other people, even with their partners.

That is why we list 4 different penis enlargement remedies, in the end, we will choose the best amongst the four.

Penis Surgery

Penis surgery or enlargement of penis through surgical method is one of the most known penis enlargement remedies. However, not many surgeons or urologists will agree to perform a penis surgery unless it is for curative reasons. At the same time, results may not always be favorable. There are different methods used in penis surgery, a penile augmentation using fat cells, dermal implant using a silicone, and ligament release. 

The method of penile augmentation, fat cells are collected from different parts of the body and then injected into the penis. It helps the penis to increase in length and girth, although it may result in an uneven shape. The increased size due to the fat cells injection may still disappear over time.

A dermal implant using a curved-shaped silicon that is inserted under the skin. It also increases the girth and length. This method requires the penis to be circumcised. If not already circumcised, then it will be performed first before inserting the implant.

On ligament release, the ligament that suspends a penis is cut off to increase its length. Once the ligament is cut off, the penis falls in a different angle, appearing to look to longer when flaccid. Stretching devices can also be used after surgery to help length increase.

After surgery, you have to let your penis heal for about a month before masturbating or engaging in any sexual activity.



Penis Enlargement Pill

Penis enlargement pills are usually a mix of hormones, herbs, vitamins, and minerals. Some pills help increase the blood flow in the penis to help it erected faster than normal. A lot of penis enlargement pills have been available on the market for quite some time. There is no proof that it is an effective way of increasing penis size, however, it can help you get hard erections since some pills may contain sildenafil.

Sildenafil is a common ingredient in Viagra, this is also the ingredient that will give you hard erections. Aside from this, one of the most dangerous side effects of this ingredient is when it is taken with other drugs that has nitrates. It can also lower blood pressure in the body to dangerous levels.

Many manufacturers claim that they sell a pill that only contains organic and all natural ingredients without disclosing everything. Some of these undisclosed ingredients can be very dangerous to your health and may cause side effects such as headache, nausea, dizziness, muscle pain, upset stomach, heartburn, and sleep problems.



Penis Pump

A non-drug penis enlargement remedy that uses a vacuum to pump or draw blood into the penis. As a result, the penis will swell and appear bigger. Men have different reasons to use a penis pump. Some use it to treat erectile dysfunction in men since it helps maintain an erection during any sexual activity while some use it for its quick temporary effect.

Penis pumps can be battery operated or manually operated, removing the air inside a tube that supposedly fits your penis. The air pressure will cause the blood to move towards the penis and the blood vessels to swell. Studies say that there are about 50-80% of men who are satisfied with the results of a penis pump. While the results can be seen quickly, however, it won’t last long. 

Aside from the air-based penis pumps, water based hydro penis pumps are being offered in the market as well. It has relatively the same pros and cons, the only difference is that instead of air, it is used under water. 

Improperly using penis pumps can lead to an injury. It is important to ready the instructions before using any vacuums or pumps. At the same time, it should not be overused. Like many things in the world, it is important to do things moderately.

How to properly use a penis pump:

  1. Place your penis inside the tube. A lubricant can be used to prevent any irritation in the skin.
  2. Turn the device on or manually vacuum out the air in the tube.
  3. It is important to only remove the pump after the vacuum is released.



Jelqing Device

Jelqing, also known as milking, is a penis enlargement remedy where in the penis is routinely pulled, stretched, and massaged. This penis exercise can be done using the hand for a manual jelqing. However, it is not recommended because the penis is a very sensitive organ. Since it is not a muscle, it should be handled like your biceps or any other body muscles. 

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Using the hand to manually jelq may just tug on the skin and stretch it without doing anything on the penis tissue. Instead, it is recommended to use a jelqing device for massages and gentle stroking techniques that will help the blood flow and move into the penis. Aside from this, it helps the penis tissue to increase in quantity and density which will result to an increase in the penis length and girth. The good and gentle stimulation caused by a jelqing device will make sure that the tissue underneath is worked on without stretching and damaging the skin. 

The Arkansas Health Care Access Foundation also supports the claim that routinely doing jelqing exercise can increase penis length by about one inch and a girth growth of about half an inch. It is also known to help men get stronger and longer erections.



Finally… What is the best penis enlargement remedy?

As we list the pros and cons of each penis enlargement remedy, we found a clear winner. The risk is only if it is used inappropriately, which is easy to resolve. Using a Jelqing device is the best penis enlargement remedy. Unlike the other options, it is cheaper and offers the best result amongst the other methods mentioned above. You don’t need to worry about your penis going back to its original size because it provides a permanent size increase. At the same time, it safe and very easy to use. There is no need to worry about any dangerous side effects caused by unhealthy ingredients or to fear infections since the body will be working externally with the penis tissue. With regular exercise using the right Jelqing device, there is no doubt that you will get permanent and real results in no time!