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Sexual intercourse is an undeniably vital part of any romantic relationship. It is so important that when couples find that they are not sexually compatible, they tend to lose enthusiasm and discontinue being with that person who is unable to fulfill their needs in bed. But, what if you are a married couple? The best recourse is to find ways to add zest in the bedroom and spice up the romance.

When sex becomes routine and boring, couples question themselves what went wrong? If you are a husband who starts to feel sexually dissatisfied with your marriage, the following tips can be very useful to add some zest to your sex life and help save your marriage.

More Foreplay

Always have some foreplay. Sex is not good when done in a hurry. You have to practice mindfulness and do it slowly with your partner so as to connect with them physically and emotionally. Foreplay is a vital part of sex as you spend some time improving your intimacy level as a couple. Foreplay is not merely kissing and touching but it can also start outside the bedroom.

Heighten the excitement for sex by starting flirting outside the bedroom. You can send naughty text messages to one another, bring her on a date, and send flowers. Using a jelqing tool can increase your desire to get intimate at home or any romantic place. Spending some time for foreplay is a great way to add more desire to your sex life.

Communicate Your Sexual Fantasies

Being open about your sexual fantasies to your partner is a great way to add excitement to your sexy time together. Do you have any specific sexual fantasies you need to be fulfilled? Then, let your partner know all about it. When you keep on hiding your sexual fantasies and suppress them, you will just end up becoming frustrated and unhappy with your sex life.

Open up and talk about your deepest fantasies with your spouse, she will surely understand. Being open with your wife about your desires and encourage her to open up will help you both have a fulfilling and satisfying time in bed. Fulfilling each other’s sexual fantasies can deepen your connection and add zest to your sex life. It will also rekindle the romance and add excitement back into your married life once more.

Do Not Be Too Timid and Experiment In The Bedroom

Yet another way to add zest in the bedroom and relive the romance in your sex life is to not be too timid. You should experiment in the bedroom. You can try new things and try them out in the bedroom. You can experiment but it doesn’t mean that you need to suggest things that can be very uncomfortable for your partner, like an additional sex partner for instance.

You can suggest variety in sex positions, role-playing, the use of sex toys or furniture that will encourage being open minded. Make sure you consult your wife first and that she is agreeable to these things. These suggestions can add pure excitement as well as pleasure in your sexual lives. You must also ensure that you do not do anything extreme and uncomfortable to your wife.

Do not assume that your partner will be as enthusiastic as you are with all the suggestions and changes. It is crucial that you properly communicate any of these to your wife before you introduce them in the bedroom, it is important that you secure her approval first.

Learn New Styles To Pleasure Your Partner

Good and fulfilling sex requires expert skills, especially for men. It can be hard to accept that you lack the needed skills, but the truth is, we all must learn to improve ourselves in whatever we do, in work, life, and even inside the bedroom.

To liven up your sex life, you have to hone your sex skills too. This will not only benefit you and your wife but also your marriage. A happy wife means a happy married life. She will always look forward to being with you. So, read books and learn more to provide your partner maximum pleasure that she so desires.


We hope these tips will be able to help you in the bedroom department.