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There are many people who are looking for ways to increase their penis size and make it bigger, stronger and harder however not all of them can success – you need a really good and working way to enlarge your penis. If you will not start using only working and safe way you will just lose a lot of time, money and may also damage your health in a minor way.

Lucky for you, this piece of information is going to be your ultimate guide to let you know how you can make your penis longer and thicker, stronger and harder, how you can improve your sexual potential and be in the best form of your life.

In this ultimate guide, we are going to discuss and talk about only real, tested and working methods which are also safe and will not have any negative or side effects.

Ways to enlarge your penis

One of the easiest, common and good way to accomplish a bigger penis is by doing regular exercises that are specially created to help your penis grow and affects it in a positive way.

There are several exercises but only one of them is popular and wildly used – jelqing exercise which is popular for mostly one reason – it really works and has a noticeable effect.

Unlike other exercises that are not common and wildly used because of their tiny effect in a long time, jelqing is much more effective and can give you noticeable results in few weeks if you will do it in the right way. Also, using a special device for it is a good idea as it will slightly increase its effectiveness and you can get great results with little effort in a short time.

Another popular method to grow your penis is by using a tool known as an extender which works in a simple way: it stretches your penis that causes internal tissues of your penis to also stretch and after removing the stretching force it still keeps some stretched length.

This method is popular for its simplicity, however, the results aren’t always very satisfying as it requires a lot of time to see some results, it only helps your penis grow in size but will not increase its width (may even decrease in some cases) and it’s often too painful to be worthy. Add to that, it’s not very practical for use.

Still, after all, it works, slowly but still works, so many people still use this exercise to increase their penis length.

When you’re searching for ways to increase your penis size and performance you may come at many different ways and exercises, however always remember, not all of them are working and not all of them are worth it. The mentioned two exercises above are one of those rare methods that actually work and can give you noticeable results.

You should always consult with your doctor to be sure the method you found is really safe for your body, not everyone has the same body and health.