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Power J Gym is a jelqing device that helps take penis size, girth, and hard erections to the next level. Power J Gym is an innovative device that improves all aspects of your penis via a series of safe and highly effective exercises. Using these exercises is just as effective as penis enhancement drugs but minus the adverse effects. You’ll experience stronger and longer lasting erections with regular use of Power J Gym exercises.

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Why Buy from Us?

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How are Power J Gym Penis Exercise So Effective?

We know that there are literally dozens of drugs and hundreds of so-called jelqing exercises all promising to help you increase aspects of your manhood. However, the vast majority of them don’t work with zero penis exercise results. Though they may look good on paper and the slick advertising may make you believe that everyone else is using it to their benefit, in reality, that is not the case.

What really works is Power J Gym, and we’re not just saying it because this page is about the product but because it has been proven to work. Over the years we have received a lot of feedback from Power J Gym users which has allowed us to improve upon the product significantly. Today, it is a product that isn’t just recommended by us but by many sexologists in the United States and Across Europe. It is, by all means, the must-have device that can improve penis length, girth and ensure harder erections.

Why Power J Gym?

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Proven and Tested
  • Affordable
  • Easy To Use

Stimulation is Proven to Increase Penis Size

The way the penis works is unlike with any other muscle. In fact, penis is not a muscle so, you can’t treat it like a regular muscle with jelqing exercises. Your penis is a unique and sofisticated organ in the sense that it can get pumped during an erection and can become flaccid when the moment is over. Unlike any muscle the size increases and decreases in a matter of minutes. So, instead of lifting weights with it, like some so-called experts recommend it requires stimulation. You need a proven way to increase tissue density and quantity which is achieved with good, regular stimulation. The more stimulus, the better.

The Power J Gym is a jelqing device which works by ensuring that your penis is well stimulated. A well-stimulated penis will grow and not only will tissue density increase but with it, you’ll see an increase in vein sizes. It is not uncommon for users to report that their veins have become larger. Large veins translate to more blood pumped into the penis, larger penis tissues in length and girth ensuring hard erections.

Are You Genetically Disadvantaged?

Yes, it is true that some men have an advantage over others in the penis size department. Some men are genetically gifted similar to athletes and bodybuilders. However, that does not mean that a guy with average genetics cannot improve upon their present size. As a matter of fact, most men can. Granted you may not become as big as someone who is genetically gifted with a 10-inch penis, but you can grow from a 5 inch one to 6 inches or even 7 inches with jelqing exercise.

Why Manual Jelq is not as Effective?

Using your hands is good however there are a number of things that are going wrong anatomically. The first and perhaps the most important thing you need to remember is that the hand does not break down the tissue but stretches the skin. That’s because the hand grips the skin and not the tissue which slips out from underneath. When you use Power J Gym that potential issue is rectified.

What the Power J Gym is a unique jelqing device which grips the tissue under the skin. When that’s gripped during a jelq exercise, the result is the tissue being stretched instead of the skin. As the muscle is stretched, it will grow over time. In our tests, we’ve seen that it is the most effective way of increasing the penis and will work for 90% of men regardless of how long or thick their penis is naturally.

Mark Smith

-United States

I' ve been in the PE world more than 6 years. I’ve tried other methods and even combined some of them. Belive it or not, jelqing is the best method to get results and this device is the best tool I have tried to enlarge my penis.

Flavio Ribeiro


I am 43 years old and I still wonder why I didn’t order this device earlier. I’m impressed with the great results that I got in just one month. Great device! I carry it with me everywhere, I love the new and strong and fat look of my dick.

Greg Lewis

-United Kingndom

There is no other tool out there for penis enlargement exercises that Works as well as this device does. I have tried with other devices such as extenders and other cheap devices but the Power J Gy mis for sure the best design on the market.

Power J Gym Faq

Well for starters the Power J Gym is without a doubt the best Penis Enlargement Exercise system and Jelqing Device on the market. It has been proven over the years to deliver the best results compared to any other competing products. It works by stimulating the growth of tissue around the penis. That’s achieved by breaking down existing tissue in a way so that it grows back longer and thicker.

The other reason to buy the Power J Gym is quality. We have done a great deal of work to make sure that our products are designed and manufactured using the best materials. It is for this reason that the Power J Gym is the most comfortable product that’s easy to use. It is also the most effective compared to competing products.

Fact Most men who use the Power J Gym see results in as few as six weeks. However, more substantial results can be seen in up to six months with regular usage. We recommend using the Power J Gym for as long as it takes to see the results you want. Then give it a month-long break and restart its use for further gains.
Most people may not know this, but there is an optimal way to grow your penis with jelqing exercises. That said with the Power J Gym there is an optimal way to use it too. Below are a few things to keep in mind for maximum gains: o Exercise your penis with the Power J Gym for only 15 to 20 minutes per day. o You should jelq for six days a week with one rest day to notice jelqing results within 3 weeks! o No need to use lube for this jelqing exercise. We would advise against it for most people. o The Power J Gym can be used twice a day if required. However, just be sure that you’re not too sore before the next session. If there is excessive soreness stick to just once a day. Start with the easiest setting and work your way to the hardest one over the course of weeks and not days. Never try to rush the process as it will end up not being as effective.
  • It will help you reach your goals in a shorter time while experiencing harder erections.
  • As a current "jelqer" you will love the Power J Gym. It will help to 2X your workouts and gains without lube and without skin irritation.
  • Use it or lose it! Training your penis tissues with penis exercises is the best way to keep a healthy penis not to mention keeping it growing.
  • Get a thicker penis now! That's what women really admire about a man, a thick penis, and a big head. Grow that fat penis that women love with just a couple of minutes a day and in few weeks, no pills, no wearing horrible traction device the whole day. All you need is just a short routine of penis enlargement exercises.
  • The Power J Gymwill not only give you gains when erect, but you will also notice a larger flaccid penis. That’s one sure sign that your penis is growing.
Are you the kind of man with great muscles and a nice body that spend hours in the gym to look great? We have news for you; now there are a lot of men around the world

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