I am an industrial engineer with specialization in design, and I thought that if there are machines and gyms for the entire body, then there should be a penis machine or a kind of Penis Gym that facilitates the jelqing exercises but eliminating all the inconveniences, a device that was comfortable, that did not have to use oils and that did not stretch the skin of the penis but that it was focus in the tissues of the penis in such a way that the penile tissues were bigger and stronger.

This method is considered natural because it expands your penis by forcing blood into the corpus cavernosa at an increased, yet even pressure over the entire length of the penis, moving from the base to the glans.

In 2004 with a group of industrialists and designers began in the factory to design the product, the Penis Gym with all features that I was looking for the perfect jelqing exercises and from 2006 the Power J Gym is launched and sold in our website jelqgym.com and was a success from the start, for current jelqers and for new men in the Penis Enlargement world.

Since the first sale, for more than 10 years we have listened our customers. Our mission now as a company is the constant improvement of our product, so that it is the most comfortable, durable, easy to use, effective to continue being the best Penis Gym in the market.

After introducing reforms in our latest model, we are proud to present to you an ingenious product for the enjoyment of all our customers.

Our products are aimed at people who want to improve their sexual performance, the long and thick size of the penis easily through penile enlargement exercise techniques such as the jelq technique.

Today the Power J Gym is a product registered in the USTPO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), we are manufacturers and distributors wholesale and retail worldwide and we are constantly improving to offer the best products and the best customer support to all our clients around the world.

A lifestyle of friends who enjoy healthy life, hard exercise in the gym, building a healthy body, fitness and workouts. We are some of those guys that prefer the natural over the artificial, the kind of people that prefer exercise instead of pills.

I thought that if it is possible to strengthen, improve, potentiate all parts of the body, as I had experienced it in the gym, I supposed that the sexual part of man, the performance in bed and size should not be an exception.

From that moment I began to investigate how to increase the size of the penis and among many options that exist to improve performance and size, the technique of jelqing or “jelqing exercise” was that technique that caught my attention. Why? Because with jelqing I had everything I wanted, a simple, easy and safe way to improve not only the size of the erect and flaccid penis state, but also improve the health of the penis in a simple and notorious just with penis enlargement exercises.

I started my jelqing exercises manually and with the passage of just a couple of months I began to see positive results, however I found some difficulties when doing the exercises with my hands, one of the inconveniences was the hassle of having to use oils and lubes, in addition to the fatigue of the hands and the rubbing of the hands with the skin of the penis that stretched it.

I looked for a different alternative to do my jelqing routines, some kind of product that would allow me to do the workouts in an easier way, but I didn’t find anything in the market that would satisfy my need.


We sold thousands of units of the first version, this one will not be available anymore. The first version was also manufactured and distributed by jelqgym.com and now has been replaced with the new improved model PJG2. Copyright, All rights reserved to jelqym.com

More than 108,000 units sold around the world