The Ultimate Guide to Penis Enlargement

Why do you want a thicker penis? That’s a fair question, and the answer most men would give in our experience is to please women. After all, getting a woman is one thing but retaining her is a whole different ball game. That brings us to the age-old question as to what do women want? Is it girth or should you work on thickness? What brings the most pleasure to women by promoting active clitoral stimulation?

The answer to your question is it isn’t just the girth or the thickness but both. If you are aiming to increase penis girth, it is important also to increase thickness.

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Can You Get a Thicker Penis with More Girth?

Yes, it possible to grow a thicker penis and add more girth even if you are genetically disadvantaged. Proof of penis enlargement comes from many ancient cultures where weights are hooked up to the penis from an early age. The weights are increased gradually as the boy becomes older and finally a man. Today, this practice of so called ‘penis stretching’ continues in many tribes of Africa. Though it was once used by ancient Greeks too.

Many African tribes are known to improve penis girth and thickness by the use of weights. However, that increase in size is gradual and risky at best. Not to mention inconvenient in modern times when you need to ride the bus to work or drive. The fact that it is a practice that has long been outdated with better methods like jelqing means that it only remains as mere ritual in even parts of Africa where admittedly those tribesmen have larger members. Also, doctors strongly advise against hanging any kind of weights to the penis.

5 Reasons Why the Power J Gym Works

Reason No. 1: The Power J Gym does not cause any unusual stimulation to the penile tissue. There is no excessive tearing, scaring, breaking or stretching of the tissue. Other methods cause extensive tissue damage which results in soreness, lack of sex drive and even inflammation.

Reason No. 2: Power J Gym works by forcing more blood into the corpus cavernosa of the penis. That increases the pressure across the entire length of the penis from the base to the tip. That means that instead of just stimulating one part it stimulates the whole penis. So, you don’t just see an increase in girth and thickness like some techniques but also in length.

Reason No. 3: You don’t have to walk around with something attached to your penis. Many devices referred to as “Penis Extenders” require that you walk around with them attached. If anything, it can be a disabling experience. Not to mention the fact that it can severely limit what you can do during a workday. Above all, they haven’t proven to be as effective as using the Power J Gym. The Power J Gym only requires a few minutes of use each day which can easily be achieved in the privacy of your home or office. It does not in any way hamper your ability to walk, run or ride a motorcycle.

Reason no. 4: It is cost effective. The Power J Gym costs only a couple of dollars compared to surgical procedures requiring thousands. Plus, as discussed above most if not all surgical procedures are risky, the results are temporary for some and most if not all they are painful. Compare that to the Power J Gym which is cheap, easy and can be used by man of any age above 18.

Reason no. 5: Requires no training or practice. Unlike using your hands to jelq, the Power J Gym does not require that you have any experience. Even if you have the hardest hands, there is no need to worry. The Power J Gym is designed to gradually extend the tissue which helps the penis grow. So, you can start experiencing the benefits of an excellent jelq session from the very first day.

Fact: Jelqing works regardless of your age, genetic makeup or race. That’s something the middle eastern discovered a long time back. That’s why you’ll be hard pressed to find any doctor that advises against using jelqing.

How To Get a Thicker Penis FAQ

A recent Live Science study of one-night stands found that women preferred men with both girth and thickness as opposed to length. Women associate more girth with the penis’ ability to bring the clitoris closer to the vagina which helps them orgasm. In most one-night stand situations women are by far more concerned with being pleased in bed than charmed with humor. In a relationship situation, it may be slightly different. But it does give you some insight into what women want.

So, the other million-dollar question is if women are fascinated with men who have more girth then how do you increase your natural girth? How do you get a thicker penis and if it is really possible?

Jelqing is a natural method of increasing the penis size in length and girth. It uses a “milking” motion to force blood into the penis tissue, which causes permanent expansion over time.

Jelqing is said to have originated from the thousand-year-old arabic practice that parents passed on to their children. It was the most valuable secret cherished by boys from generation to generation. The penis is formed by cavernous and spongy bodies that produce an erection when they are filled with blood. This technique simulates the "milking" of the penis in order to send blood inside of the cavernous bodies and spongy tissues of the member forcing them to expand and become thicker in a progressive and permanent way due to this exercise.

This method is considered natural because it expands your penis by forcing blood into the corpus cavernosa at an increased, yet even pressure over the entire length of the penis, moving from the base to the glans.

Jelqing isn’t a product, trademark or anything of that sort. However, it is a method, which has been tried and tested by thousands of men and found to work. You won’t just get a thicker penis but also a healthier one. Plus, it does not require any drastic measures either.

It helps to improve penis size as well as the erection. It works by massaging the penis in such a way that it stimulates blood flow and improves it. That increase in blood flow leads to an increase in size, girth, and width.

Fact: Even though Jelqing is an effective way of improving girth most people do it incorrectly. Doing it incorrectly can lead to several adverse effects including blood clotting, damage to the penis head, and painful erections.

One way to increase penis girth is to get a penis implant from the one plastic surgeon in the world who claims to do it. Dr. James Elist is arguably the only surgeon in the world who can perform an operation to increase both girth and length using a super flexible silicone implant. It works a lot like breast implants.

The average size increase expected is between 1.5 and 2.5 inches in total circumference. To date, Dr. Elist has performed 1300 implant surgeries. Though at $13,000 for a single surgery it makes Dr. Elist rich but it also means most average Joes reading this can’t afford it. Then there is also the risk of an infection or the implant breaking. If you end up encountering any of these problems, there is a good chance of losing your manhood. It is a risk that most people aren’t willing to take.

Some surgeons claim that they can increase the length of your penis by simply cutting a ligament which helps it hang a little further. Though we suspect is it less about the length and more about cosmetic appearance. It also comes with the same health risks of any other surgery, i.e. pain, scar tissue, problems getting an erection, loss of function and even sensation. On top of that, you also pay $9,000 for the surgery, and that’s just to add a negligible half an inch.

To increase penis girth, some patients are opting for a procedure that works like liposuction except for the extracted fat being inserted into the penis via syringe. It can end up adding a mere half an inch or even less regarding length with just above an inch in girth. Not to mention making your penis heavier.

Also, the results aren’t permanent. There are cases where the penis has shrunk down to its previous or original size within months. Plus, like with any other surgical procure, there are inherent risks. One such case involved a 30-year-old who died following the surgery after the fat somehow traveled to the lungs which chocked him to death. Clearly nobody wants to increase penis girth that desperately!

Now, this is a relatively new method, and the procedure mainly involves the tedious process of separating the platelet-rich plasma from your blood and then injecting that into the penis. It is supposed to stimulate blood flow and make the penis appear larger. However, there isn’t enough research yet to substantiate these claims. So, it isn’t the best long-term risk-free option.

We admit that the above method methods are not exactly risk-free. You can’t exactly opt for them and consider yourself a stud in bed. Not to mention the fact that they cost a great deal of money. You could try the weights but then would you be happy walking around the city with weights strapped to your penis?

Fact! The good news is that there is a way to increase the size and girth of your penis. It does not require surgery, weights, or spending in excess of $9000. If anything, it is one of the quickest ways of reaching your goals minus the risk. That method is called Jelqing.

If you ever thought of how to get a thicker penis without taking any risks and trying to learn Jelqing from a so-called sensei, then this device will help you. Power J Gym is a uniquely designed device which makes reaching your penis enlargement goals easier. It allows you to perform the jelqing massage without risking damage to your penis.

You will start seeing the results of using Power J Gym within a week. The uniquely designed rollers are meant to stimulate the growth of your penis without causing any damage or soreness. That directly results in your penis receiving just the right amount of stimulation for growth.

It is the only system that has been designed and extensively tested which does not pull off or damage your penis tissue in any way. On the contrary, it exerts just enough force to pull the tissue smoothly and without significant discomfort. Over time the stretching will cause the penis tissue to grow thicker adding girth for longer for harder erections.

Fact: There are many other Jelqing devices that promise to make your penis thicker and larger. However, none have been extensively tested. Instead, a flurry of bad reviews plagues the devices.

The time it takes varies depending on the current size of your penis and your goal. Most men start seeing a difference in both thickness and girth in just a month of regular use. It is important to point out that the device needs to be used as directed. It is important not to miss a day for at least a month.

It is also essential to have a long-term goal which is broken up into smaller short-term goals. For instance, if your goal is to add 2 inches of thickness, break that up into adding an inch every two months. This approach will keep you motivated as you continue to improve.

If you are looking for the cheapest, most effective and guaranteed method of improving the size, girth, and thickness of your penis, then look no further than Power J Gym. Your solution to much more fulfilling manhood.

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