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Men love to spend a lot of time working out in the gym developing their bodies. This can result in a slim waistline which signals good health, but a lot of men fail to realize that diet also impacts their sex lives. Work, modern lifestyle and habits, poor diet and food choices, lead to health problems and other conditions, which in turn result in lower quality sex. It is relatively easy to introduce modifications to help with quality sex.

The enjoyment of food is almost the same as enjoying sex. There is a pleasure from both eating and having sex. This seems to be more true for women than it is with men. Moreover, some foods have been found to help boost sexual performance, while others can inhibit testosterone production, lower sex drive, and alter your semen production.

Although there are various supplements used to increase the sex drive, libido, or testosterone, or the use of a jelq device, these do not ultimately solve underlying reasons for poor sex life. Following a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise are all vital to healthy living and enjoyment of good sex.

You should, however, stop:


Alcohol can be helpful for some people but the truth is it can inhibit sexual performance. It can be more difficult to get and keep an erection and orgasms can be delayed. So, avoid alcohol to help boost your sexual drive and overall health.


Smoking is a health risk. It increases the probability of having health problems such as lung cancer, heart ailments, or low sperm count. It also decreases the quality of erection. It is best to quit smoking to prevent these problems from developing. Not to mention the fact that smoking can turn off your partner.

Excessive Eating

Weight gain is the leading killer of sex drive in men. If your waistline exceeds 35 inches you are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction. Many people practice portion control due to gigantic portions that we have in the US. Too much food intake makes it difficult to set the mood. To stop overeating, eat using small plates or bowls and choose healthier foods each time.

Avoid Junk/Processed Foods

Studies have shown that both processed and junk foods are bad for your health. Foods rich in cholesterol, have high salt content, have hydrogenated oils and fats are not good for the body. Whenever your diet has a high percentage of processed foods including junk food, there is an elevated risk of having diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and suffer obesity. Aside from the diseases mentioned, you can also cause damage to the circulation, impair blood flow, and subsequently lower your overall sexual performance.

Take These Stuff:

Here are some things you need to do and consume in order to lead to a healthier path:

Reduce Stress

Stress can be hazardous and detrimental to overall health and can negatively impact your sex life. Stress can increase your heart rate, lead to high blood pressure, and damage your sexual drive and performance. Psychological stress like physical stress can make it hard for you to achieve optimum performance in bed. Try acupuncture or a deep tissue massage to improve blood circulation and relieve body tensions. You can try Tai Chi and or talk your partner about it to help relieve and ease stress as well as tension.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Maintaining a diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables can boost your body’s health, cleanse toxin, and free your organs so they can function at their best. These plant foods offer the body with essential phytonutrients which can help relax the blood vessels. Many patients with erectile dysfunction consume these to improve their overall health.

Stay active at all times and exercise. They promote healthy blood circulation and help you maintain a healthy weight. At times, low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression can have a negative impact on men’s sex lives. Exercising releases enzymes that help relieve stress, produce happy hormones or oxytocin, and promote a healthier lifestyle. You can try yoga and meditation for a healthy body and mind.