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Power J Gym Spare Parts

What about if I need Parts?

The Power J Gym is a virtual lifetime product, but if you have worn out or missing parts, you don’t have to buy the whole device, just contact us and let us know what is the part that you need and you will be able to order for a fraction of the complete device.

Complete Set of Handles

Jelqing device handles set

Set Control Traction Knobs

jelqing device traction knobs set

Packaged Discreetly to Ensure Privacy

It is packed in a monochromatic box without marks or indications of its use.The description in the AWB is “Massager”.

If you’ve made it this far, it means you know everything there is about the Power J Gym®. You’re convinced it works and now you want to get it. You desire a larger penis with improved sexual vigor, after all, that’s the reason you’re doing all this research. You can click the button below to order the Power J Gym®.

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Jelqing Device FAQs

The Power J Gym® is sometimes referred to as the penis gym because it is like a gym for your penis. By adding a ‘Power’ version, we have turbocharged the gym so to speak. The Power J Gym® is a new and improved Jelqing device benefiting from superior design and materials. It is water resistant making it possible to comfortably jelq in the shower.

The new materials are light-weight, extremely durable and much more comfortable to use. All of this is made possible while at the same time improving the quality of your jelq. After all, what would be the point of using all these exotic materials if they didn’t help improve the stimulation to your penis? Plus, everyone could use a device that lasts them a lifetime or perhaps something they can pass on to their sons!

How would you envision the perfect Jelqing device to work? What features would you want it to have? How should it perform and how long should it last? These are precisely the questions we set out to address with the new and improved version of the Power J Gym®. It was a challenge but we were up for it. Our goal was to create an exceptionally powerful device that was not only durable but improved the stimulation and consequently the results.

The device uses the same “milking” principle or jelq technique to increase the size of the penis. However, the major difference with this device is that it eliminates the difficulty of Jelqing associated with using your hands. So, you add more power to your jelqing exercises which in turn makes every workout more comfortable and more fun. You’ll also find it less of a chore. Which translates to much better results.

FactThe Power J Gym® makes Jelqing 90% more effective than regular hand Jelqing. That stems from its especially designed rollers which provide continuous and equal stimulation to both sides of the penis. Plus, it allows for consistent pressure build up without the danger of stretching the skin.

Many people argue that the manual jelq has been used for hundreds of years and nobody was complaining so why would you need a machine to do what can be done with your hands? Well, you can just as easily make the argument that there is no need for an electric shaver when you can use a straight razor.

However, in the case of a manual jelq using your hands isn’t just inefficient, inconvenient and not as effective but also can cause various problems. For starters. It can pull the skin of your penis as well as other penile tissues. After all, you’re not Jelqing to have more skin hanging off your penis but rather a bigger and more prominent penis. Then there is also the fact that many people have complained that they found manual jelqing difficult.

Regardless of whether you are jelqing veteran or are just starting out the Power J Gym® is a must have. It works by focusing on the cavernous tissues within the penis while never stretching the skin more than what is needed. Plus, unlike using your hands, it does not cause irritation, scaring, blisters, etc. You also don’t need to use lubrication.

FactThe Power J Gym® is a Jelqing tool which has already been used by thousands of men who have reported positive results. Those how have used manual Jelqing in the past have reported that the Power J Gym® was a lot more effective.

Do we get asked a lot how this penis gym product is better than others promising the same results? Honestly, there are many things that are different about the Power J Gym® when compared to other products. For starters, it does not require that you walk around with something attached to your penis. We are aware of products that require you attach something to your penis and walk around with it the whole day. The idea behind those is that it stretches the penis. If you ask us even if it works, the device is impractical.

You may also run across products that promise a larger penis using the same Jelqing principle. The primary disadvantage of those products is that they are not well balanced. Hundreds of reviews on Amazon and various other websites prove that they aren’t as good or even better than using your hands.

The Power J Gym® is the only jelq device on the market that’s well researched. We have put in years of research, testing and re-testing to hone a product that works. Then there is also the fact that we have the stats, reviews, and findings from research to back up our claims. After all hundreds of men who swear by the Power J Gym®’s results can’t be lying!

Pro tip: If you are going to buy a penis enlargement product…any product make sure to check the research behind it. Find out what makes it tick and if it really works. There are a lot of gimmicky products out there which only take advantage of men who are desperate to increase the size of their manhood.  

It increases the size of your penis. One reason why you would want to buy the Power J Gym® is if you are serious about enlarging the length, girth, and thickness of your penis. It is a penis gym after all, and that’s the sole purpose of this product. There are no gimmicky extra features supposed to woo buyers to paying extra. We laser focused all our efforts on developing a product that works wonders for penis enlargement.

A functional piece of penis enlarging art. The other reason why anyone would want to consider the Power J Gym® because it is a well-designed device. Each aspect of its design is well thought of. We have received emails from buyers saying that it looks like a piece of art. But unlike art it is functional. You don’t need a bunch of extra spare parts yet if you do break something it is easily replaced.

The biggest feature is perhaps the fact that by using it for just 15 minutes a day you’ll see results in as little as three weeks. That’s nothing compared to the hundreds of duds solid for top dollar!

It is absolutely, positive safe to use. Unlike other penis gym products, this one can be used by anyone safely. You don’t need to be an expert, have special hands or a degree is rocket science. If you've operated a pair of scissors before then, you’re more than qualified to grow a larger penis with Power J Gym®.

Very cost effective. As far as effective penis enlargement goes, the Power J Gym® is the most budget-friendly product that everyone can afford. The jelq device costs only a few dollars compared to thousands of dollars which are its otherwise surgical alternatives. Plus, surgical alternatives are temporary, have adverse effects, not to mention the fact that some men have reportedly died from it.

Very Easy to use. The Power J Gym® does not require specialized training to use. There is no wrong way to use it. It is so simple that anyone can follow along with the instructions and get it right on the first try. There is a reason why so many men highly recommend this product over the competition.

Built like a tank. It is the only penis gym which is built to last. We have used top quality materials to ensure an end product that lasts long and can be used anywhere. It is portable and can be dropped hundreds of times. In the event, it does break replacement parts are just a click away.

Interesting fact: The Power J Gym® was extensively tested, and honed by the designers themselves. The people who designed it are passionate about penis enlargement and making it possible for every man. The result of all that research is a product that now sells like hotcakes.

It is a ‘no contest’ when compared to pills. All pills are meant to make your erection harder and will not give you gains in width or length. Also, the effects of these pills are temporary. If you do run into pills that are marketed as ones to increase your manhood, then run very far away. As it is either false marketing or some untested herbal supplement. Either way, you can’t be sure of the consequences.

The Power J Gym® is the only method of increasing the size of your penis without having to take any risks. Ask any doctor, and they will tell you that Jelqing is safe. However, there is safe, and then there is efficient. With the Power J Gym®, your Jelqing isn’t just safe as it is highly effective it is like turbocharging your Jelqing and taking it to a whole new level.

We have never heard of a penis gym user using the device daily for 15 minutes a day and not seeing effects. The jelq device, on the contrary, is somewhat addictive, and most people find it so pleasing that they use it even to relieve stress. That’s right the rollers stimulate your penis in a way that it not only helps add a few inches to your penis but relaxes you.

Over the years we’ve yet to come across a buyer who didn’t experience an increase in penis size. However, some may see results faster than others. We admit that some men have the ability to grow a longer penis by using the Power J Gym® than others. Our guess is it has something to do with genetics. But everyone sees results. After all the hundreds of reviews by men about the product aren’t all manufactured! Then you have hundreds of years’ worth of middle eastern research to back up the claim that jelqing works.

We recommend 15-minute sessions once or twice a day which for most men that would be enough to stimulate growth. Doing any more than that has not proven to double or even triple the results. It all boils down to how your body works. Each time you break down tissue by way of exercise or a penis gym, it has to be repaired. If you don’t give it enough time to repair then the damage will not be repaired as it should. In layman’s terms, you need to give your penis time to recuperate.

Would you do an intensive weightlifting session each day? If you did it would result in overtraining. Overtraining is bad for your health and can lead to injuries. Similarly, prolonged and unnecessary use of the Power J Gym® is not recommended. However, if you want to go beyond all limits, we advise that you increase the duration of its use gradually.

If you experience discomfort of any type stop, let your penis recuperate and then restart after a day or so.

Ok, there’s no doubt that jelqing by hand works, but the hand method focus more on the skin of the penis than the cavernous tissue inside. Your hands are constantly pulling the skin and you need to use oil and it makes a mess. Hand jelqing exercises are very exhausting and in time, your penis will have an excess of skin because that is what you are pulling the most. If you pull the skin, it will also grow, but that’s not the idea behind jelqing. The idea is to expand your penis and make your internal penis tissues bigger and stronger. The Power J Gym will give you a bigger, harder and stronger penis, and is the fastest way to reach your goals.

More than 108,000 units sold around the world