What is the Power J Gym?

Jelq device Power J Gym structure

Light and strong structure. The handles are connected to axial arms, now we have improved the material and design, this is water resistant to jelq more comfortable under the shower, with more quality and less weight for better handling.

Jelq device Power J Gym rollers

Rollers with soft and flexible texture. The PJG has 2 rollers made with a thick and soft elastic cuirass with shape memory, this condition guarantees the perfect execution of the exercises, durability and a soft contact with the skin of the penis. They are finished with non-slipping surface with thin channels that stick to the skin to pull the penis forward; the light blue color is the perfect complement to maintain the ideal conditions of hygiene and gives a very nice appearance.

Jelq device Power J Gym traction

Control traction system. The PJG has a control traction system that allows you to graduate the degree of the resistance or freedom of the rollers and the force with which the penis is pulled towards the glans. With the Control Traction System the rollers never get blocked, they roll on the penis’ surface so that the penis skin is not ill treated and oils are no longer necessary.

Jelq device Power J Gym control

Handless with level press control. The non-slipping materials of the handles provide support for the hands and make these routines of training easy. They are made from a flexible material and calibrated in such a way that they liberate the excesses of pressures in the hands in order to make the exercise constant, secure , and ensure the penis is not ill-treated.

Jelq device Power J Gym ergonomic

Ergonomic design. The PJG is designed with soft ergonomic handles in elastic material that allows you to support and to handle the complete device with only 2 fingers, the thumb and index that are the 2 same fingers that handle most principle of the stretching in this technique of milking the penis.

The Power J Gym is a new jelq device to increase the size of the penis, it was made to work with the same principle of “milking” from Jelq technique. The advantage of the Power J Gym is technology that helps to eliminate the difficulties of the hands exercises, boost more power to your jelq and make easier each workout, all this translates into faster and better results.

The main disadvantage of the manual jelq, is that you pull more the skin of your penis that the internal tissues, and the idea is not having excess of skin but having a bigger and stronger penis’ tissues. As the rollers of the Power J Gym never get blocked, the exercise is focused on the tissues of your penis and the skin is not ill treated. Other disadvantage of manual jelq is skin irritation and the need to use oil. Have a look at every single part.

This is the best Jelq device ever made for penis enlargement exercises!

Why should you order?

the Jelq Device - Power J Gym?

You should order the Power J Gym if you want to enlarge your penis in a natural way with penis enlargement exercises. The Power J Gym is the device with more quality and the one with the best design, The power J Gym doesn’t need spare parts and it make enjoyable your exercises, you will only need 15 minutes a day and you will notice results within 3 weeks.

Pills make your erections harder but they don’t give you gains in length nor width, extenders are very uncomfortable, noticeable under the wear and painful, besides they are too expensive and you need order additional bands and parts. Do not waste your money in products that don’t work. Read reviews, experts and you will learn that the best technique to enlarge your penis is with exercises and the easiest way to make your exercises is with the Power J Gym, No doubt The Jelq Device - Power J Gym is by far the best jelq device ever made for penis enlargement exercises and the fastest way to reach your goals.

Some men wonder

why should I order a Power J Gym If I can jelq with my hands?

Ok, the hands work I have no doubt, but the hands focus more in the penis’ skin than on your penis’ tissues, the hands are constantly pulling the skin and you need to use oil and it makes a mess your exercises, hands exercises are very exhausting and believe, that with a time frame your penis will also have excess of skin because is what you are pulling the most, and if you pull the skin, it will also grow up and this is not the idea, the idea is to expand and make your internal penis tissues bigger and stronger, it will traduce into a bigger, harder and stronger penis.and the fastest way to reach your goals.

Compare hands workouts with Power J Gym workouts

Hands Workouts Power J Gym
Skin Friction High 90% Low 10%
Focus on penis’ tissues Low 10% High 90%
Jelqing Tool Fingers (they’re flat) Rollers (They’re round)
Contact area / each workout 0.5 inch (1.3 cm) Approx Twice: 1 inch! (2.5 cm)
Lube Oil no needed
Results Slow and Poor Faster and Efficient

So briefly, The Power J Gym gives extra power to each workout, it makes your penis enlargement exercise easier and give you faster results!

But You will still get more

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“Remember all your body can be trained: your brain, your muscles, your heart and the penis is not the exception.”