What is Jelqing

The natural method to enlarge the penis with exercises

The jelqing routine dates back many centuries to the middle east where it was used by men to enlarge their penises. Size, after all, does matter. If that were not the case, famous Greek portraits and sculptures wouldn’t be adorned with large penises. Besides, they all couldn’t be genetically gifted individuals.

Who Invented jelqing?

Men have always looked for ways to increase their penis size. Many penis lengthening and thickening exercises date back to the middle ages and depict various devices being used by men to enlarge their manhood. While some may argue that men’s conscious of their length and girth is thanks to porn, history tells us that men have always been obsessed with size. Similarly, the jelqing routine dates back many centuries to the middle east where it was used by men to enlarge their penises.

Who exactly invented the art and science of jelqing is unknown. But it was an effective technique even before we had plastic surgeons. While today you can choose to use the best jelqing technique back then there was only one technique using your hands. Furthermore, some experts reveal that it was a secret reserved for royalty…now the secret is out.

So, What is Jelqing? What is the best Jelqing method? And What are Jelqing exercises?

Jelqing exercise pictures below give you a good reference point of how it works. While pictures are a worth a thousand words, we have more than one below. However, to really understand how jelqing works you need to do it. It is essential to practice and understand the principle behind the method. Also, knowing why it works will help you further get the technique right even if you resort to using your hands.

What is jelqing?Does jelqing work?

Which is the best Jelqing Technique?

Many men who find out about jelqing often want to know which is the best jelqing technique. The reason is that nobody wants to waste their time doing something that isn’t the best. Would you use a technique that is second best? Obviously not!

In reality, there isn’t one technique that we can outline as the best. However, how you use your hands matters a great deal. We have seen many men get it wrong. Most end up pulling at their skin which damages the way their penis appears as they end up with hanging skin. While it is the best-known method of increasing penis size, it is only effective when done correctly.

Note: You can check out our how to jelq video to study the correct moment. It is important to start slow and work your way up.

Does jelqing Work Or Is It Just Another Scam?

Now, this is a question we get asked a lot. In our experience, many urologists get asked the same question too after men read about jelqing on the internet. The short and sweet answer to this question is that yes! It works. There is no question about it working as there are hundreds if not thousands of men who have successfully used it to increase their penis size.

The internet is rife with all manner of devices, eBooks and a load of other stuff that promise to help increase your penis size but do not. Many people who ask “does jelqing work” are often those who have been burnt by products that didn’t work for them. Some have even spent hundreds of dollars on herbal remedies, and gadgets with nothing to show for it. So, the question is fair, and we know where you’re coming from with it.

Let us also outline the fact that that apart from jelqing the other ways of increasing your penis size are:

Out of the above methods, we wouldn’t recommend any. The reason being that most of the above methods are either short-term solutions or not solutions at all. Surgery for instance whether you go for a fat injection or an implant is short lived. You’ll only add half an inch in size but spend in excess of $9000 on the procedure. Not to mention that you’re opening yourself up to infection and a great deal of pain.

Interesting fact: The penis is one of the most sensitive organs in the human body. The nerve endings are distributed across three zones of the penis, i.e. the foreskin, penile skin and the glans. The most sensitive of which is the transition between the outer and inner foreskin. So, any surgery is obviously going to be complicated and immensely painful. 

We have seen no research studies to prove that supplements work. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of men who have used many of the expensive supplements available online have left bad reviews. The supplements often have adverse side effects including but not limited to blood clotting, headaches, indigestion, and can trigger allergic reactions. So, we’d never recommend that you use any supplement which hasn’t been proven to work with scientific papers to back up those claims.

The Jelqing Routine Is The Only Proven Penis Enhancement Technique

Jelqing routine or methods are more effective than surgery. Unlike surgery, the effects will stay with you forever. Once you reach the desired length, thickness and girth you can reduce how much you jelq to maintenance levels.

If you don’t know what's jelqing, you don’t even need to learn when you use a tool like Power J Gym. A special tool used to jelq without needing any training or practice. However, even if you can’t afford the tool, using your hands is effective but just not as much. That said it is far cheaper than paying $9000 for surgery or upwards of $500 a month for supplements that don’t work.

How Does Jelqing Increase Penis Size?

How do you build muscle? Well, you break it down with microtears using weight training, recuperate and then do it again. Over time the newly formed tissue is stronger and looks better not to mention larger. The more you work with weights, the larger your muscles become. Jelqing works using a similar principle. That’s why some people tie weights to their penis in a bid to increase it is length. Though it is going overboard and borderline dangerous but that works too.

The difference between using jelqing exercises and other methods is that it expands the internal penis tissues. So, when it recovers, it is stronger and larger. Over a period of weeks of daily jelqing the length, thickness, and girth increases. The more you jelq, the larger your penis will become, it is just that simple!

Jelqing Vs. Weight Training Your Penis

Ever watch the YouTube video of a Tibetan monk pulling a truck with his penis? Well, that’s how strong your penis can become. But dangling a weight off your penis is not exactly the best way to increases size though it could make your penis stronger. It is inconvenient for the most part. Plus women will never notice a small yet strong penis!

The Jelqing method does not require that you hang anything off your penis. It also does not require increasing the intensity or weight etc. All you have to do is dedicate 15 minutes a day to jelqing! That’s it. You can jelq anywhere in the shower, at the office, on your lunch break or before going to bed. Also, 15 minutes a day isn’t a lot of time, though if you’re feeling ambitious you can do two 15-minute sessions. But even then, it is far more efficient than training with weights.

What Can You Expect From Jelqing Before And After?

Jelqing before and afterJelqing tool

Well for starters you can expect to see a great deal of difference in your penis size. You should also experience much harder erections that last longer. The other thing that many men report is being stronger in bed. We are not sure what leads to that particular perk of jelqing, but our suspicion is it has something to do with more mature penile tissue.

Below are a couple of benefits you’ll experience before and after jelqing:

Now That You Know What Is Jelqing The Next Thing Is Preparing Your Penis

Like with any other form of exercise the warmup matters. You’ll be losing out on a lot of gains if you don’t warm up the penis before the jelqing exercise. Warming up the penis improves blood circulation, and it will also help you get the required blood flowing into all the essential parts.

If you are not sure how to warm up the penis for a jelq session merely follow the methods below:

Method no. 1: Use some hot water and a hand towel. Wet the towel with the water, then squeeze all the water out and roll your penis in it. Keep the penis covered for around 5-10 minutes. You will evidently start to feel the blood rushing into the penis as it warms up. Though don’t use water that’s too hot and don’t keep the towel on for too long.

Method no. 2: The other very effective method of warming up the penis is with a hot shower. Some people may find that jelqing in the shower saves time and helps them achieve two goals.

Method no. 3: Another effective yet controversial method is to fill a sock with hot boiled rice and roll the penis in it. It works in a similar fashion as the hot towel. Though some people may not be comfortable inserting their penis into food.

Note!: During a jelq session regardless of what jelq method you use the penis shouldn’t be completely flaccid and neither should it be fully erect. It should be halfway for the most part. Between 70% to 80% of erection is perfect. Generally, most men will get an erection when warming up.

What Should You Avoid When Jelqing?

Men ask us if there should be some precautionary measures taken when jelqing. Well for starters you shouldn’t have a full erection as that would complicate the exercise. You may also not see the same benefits. So, a full erection regardless of the jelq exercise or method you use is a big ‘no.’

Don’t watch porn during a jelq. It is not a good idea to watch porn to pass the time. If anything it can cause the erection to become harder which reduces the effectiveness of your jelq.

Doing it too hard. Now that’s another issue that many men report. If you go too hard, it’s going to cause damage to the skin and underlying tissue.

How to get the perfect jelq?

The best way to ensure a perfect jelq is to use a jelqing tool like Power J Gym. It ensures that the jelqing provides the necessary stimulation and that too without causing any damage to the penis. It is especially designed to ensure maximum results.

You can find out more about the Power J Gym and how it works here.