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Terms And Agreements

Terms and conditions of Shipping: This product is offered exclusively by the Internet and dispatches are made to all cities and countries in the world via UPS’ door to door service. You will receive the product in your hands at the address that you specified when you processed your order. The local UPS coordinator of your city will contact you by telephone to coordinate the hour of delivering of the product to your domicile. The door to door delivery cost in any country / city of the world is of USD25.00.

Referring to return of Product and money: The price of this product includes all costs, including advertising, handlings, financial costs, and any logistics costs caused once the product has been dispatched and released into your hands. Because of the above, due to the costs of any return shipment being different to the delivery – once your order has been processed and shipped, product returns and money back requirements will not be accepted. Please bear in mind that 100% of the units on sale have been previously reviewed and checked to guarantee the operation of the device. We recommend you carefully read all features concerning the product, shipping and delivery, before ordering.

Order only when you are totally sure that you understand the aim of this product and the delivery conditions. If you have any doubts, please e-mail us and we will respond to you to reassure and help you before making your decision to order. Bearing in mind that shipping conditions are in CIF terms (Incoterms 2000). If taxes are applicable in the destination country these charges will be at customer expense. The purchase and use of the products offered in this page and all the routines indicated in this site are choices made under your absolute responsibility, you accept that the owners and managers of this site are not responsible for misuse the product and the information that is offered here.

The convenience or not of the exercises must be determined by doctor, because it is not function or intention of this site, or their owners and managers to prescribe solutions to medical problems. Informed about this, if you choose to buy and use the products offered in this page to carry out any of the routines here explained, before any disagreement, you accept that you know that the products and routines that we offer here are simply of informative character from experiences lived in other men who have had positive results and because of their own decisions bought the products that we sell here and /or carried out the practices of exercises that here are communicated.

The minimal age to buy and /or to use the information or the products offered in this page is 18 years, and you manifest you have already fulfilled this age. As already described in this web site, you accept that this product lacks a guarantee of the goals that you may try to obtain, because these are subjective and difficult to measure. Therefore you must consult with your supplier of medical services to arrange with you a program of exercises. By ordering, practicing and accessing the products and/or information on this page, you liberate the owners and managers of this web site of lawsuits costs, damages, and losses; and demonstrate that you know the terms and agreements of this contract and that you recognize this as a contract of sale signed for any legal effect.

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