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Are you the person who always wants everything more, bigger and better? Then chances are you’re looking for ways to grow your penis size because no matter what you say, after all, it really matters and it matters a lot.

Also, there are good chances that you’re searching for it online, that’s why you ended up here and for sure you already read a lot of different ways and methods that are promising to grow your penis size, some looks real, some are completely dumb but it’s still hard to make the right decision when you’re looking at a subject you don’t know very well.

No need to worry about it, now you’re going to read a definitive guide about the most popular, tested by time and proved to be working exercise which will allow you to easily and fast grow your penis and make it bigger and better, have the best performance in bed.

Now when we are saying fast, you should be aware that the “fastest” method still requires a few weeks or a month to show any real and noticeable results, there is not any method or exercise that can grow your penis in several days, any methods that claim it can is just a joke and nothing more.

Let’s move to the method itself, jelqing is the most popular exercise that lets you grow your penis size and make it much larger in several months (a little larger in a few weeks).

You may be wondering why it’s so popular and if does jelqing work or if it’s another hype. Well, the major reason why it’s popular among all men is because it really works and many men have gained significant results with it.

Nobody can tell you exactly what results you’re going to get with this exercise as it depends on many factors including how often you do it – won’t be rare but don’t overdo it, both will decrease the effect, how well you’re doing it – you should do it in the right way, shouldn’t make many mistakes, it also depends on your genetics and your body conditions.

However, generally for every man who will try to do jelqing in a right way and will not be lazy about it, will give it enough time and will not give up after a week or less, such men will definitely see some results and in most cases, the results are very satisfying.

It should be also noted, another reason why this exercise is common in every country and all types of men are actively using it, is because of its safety and neutrality. Unlike many other methods, this exercise is actually a natural way to help your penis grow and is good for you and your body.

There are many methods but not all of them are actually working, not all of them are actually good for your body and definitely not all of them works in a natural way.