Thicker penis exercises

What do women prefer, girth or length?

This is probably not the first time you’ve Heard about this topic. Which is more important for girls, length or girth? The answer is girth as a thick penis increases her pleasure internally and promotes better clitoral stimulation.

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Thicker penis exercisesPenis gym

The Power J Gym System is the only one that pull your penis tissues in a smooth way. overtime this exercising and stretching will expand your penis tissues giving you the result of a Thicker Penis with healthier and longer erecitons.

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What is it?

Jelqing is a natural method of increasing the penis size in length and girth. It uses a “milking” motion to force blood into the penis tissue, which causes permanent expansion over time.

Jelqing is said to have originated from the thousand-year-old arabic practice that parents passed on to their children. It was the most valuable secret cherished by boys from generation to generation. The penis is formed by cavernous and spongy bodies that produce an erection when they are filled with blood. This technique simulates the "milking" of the penis in order to send blood inside of the cavernous bodies and spongy tissues of the member forcing them to expand and become thicker in a progressive and permanent way due to this exercise.

This method is considered natural because it expands your penis by forcing blood into the corpus cavernosa at an increased, yet even pressure over the entire length of the penis, moving from the base to the glans.

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In a short time frame, with progressive repetitions these internal tissues of the penis will begin to expand, getting larger and thicker, increasing in length, circumference and volume of the member in a natural and definitive way.

In order to accept that this method really works, we must know that the cavernous and spongy bodies of the penis can be expanded. Taking in to account that other body tissues like the skin and the muscles are susceptible to growth, it is perfectly logical to assume that the internal tissues of the penis can be expanded as well. The penis doesn't have bones or cartilage and is expanded as a consequence of these exercises, consisting of repetitive blood pumping workouts that effectively achieve a larger and thicker penis.