Stronger, Bigger, Healthier Harder All with best dick Workout

Here I want to talk about some Taoist exercises that will surely bring you much sexual pleasure. They can be done at home and need very little time. Exercises to strengthen the penis and delay ejaculation.

Cultures, like the ancient Chinese focus to think of Penis’ strengthening and erections. In order to increase the pleasure of the man and his partner.

Taoist technique basically propose exercises designed especially to cultivate vital and sexual energy.

Penis Exercises

Some considerations you may have before any routine of Penis Exercises:

  • Eat healthy.
  • Perform physical exercises.
  • Perform Kegel exercises, which will help you strengthen your pelvic muscles.
  • Visit the doctor and discuss the exercises you want to start doing, to receive extra recommendations.

To increase the strength of the penis

You should hold small weights with erect penis to increase your strength. You can attach two small objects to your penis with a string, one at the base of the penis and one near the glans penis. Both must weigh in total about 100 grams.(More about Penis Exercises)

It is suggested to lift this weight 10 to 20 times a day.

You can raise your weight slightly as your strength increases. But do not overdo it, It is not a competition, keep in mind that lifting a lot of weight can be harmful to your health.

Exercises to achieve a firm Penis erection for a long time.

The following exercise was designed by Buddhist monks who sought to strengthen their hands and thus break bricks and wood with them.

To make your penis firmer, fill a container with dry, soft sand. Cover your Penis with a condom and then – erected – dip it in the sand, as if you were penetrating into it. Do it gently and firmly at the same time, avoiding sudden and rapid movements that could cause injury to the penis (do it with love).(Watch Jelqing Video)

Exercising to thicken the Penis Glans

This exercise directs the blood to the glans, strengthening the erection and enlarging the glans (it takes the form of a fungus).

Take with your left hand your penis and slide 72 times upward – from the testicles to the glans – as if you were milking. Make firm but careful movements to avoid any injury. A then do it with your right hand 72 times.

Exercise to strengthen your erection

It will strengthen the erection much more with compression movements. Thanks to this type of pressure you will achieve more and more intense erections. Compress (squeeze) the shaft of your penis with your left hand 72 times – below the glans – until it becomes as hard as a stone. Now squeeze your penis 72 times with your right hand. (Read about Jelqing Device)

Exercises to last longer before ejaculating

This exercise also strengthens and increases the glans. It also improves the shape and firmness of the entire penis. In addition, it will allow you to achieve more intense orgasms.

Taoist teachers did this exercises for the purpose of delaying ejaculation and staying active longer during the sexual encounter.(Read about Thicker Penis)

Thanks to this practice they could better satisfy their partners and themselves enjoy more the sex. If you ejaculate a few minutes after you have penetrated, this step by step is essential for you because it will help you avoid premature ejaculation.

Sit on a chair, open your legs and place the sole of your feet firmly on the floor.

Grab the bottom of your penis with your left hand – near your pubic bone – and move it vigorously 72 times from side to side, until the glans touches your legs.

Now vigorously move your penis 72 times from side to side with your right hand.

The key is to perform this exercise with energy, but avoiding whenever it causes harm or pain.(Read about Penis Enlargement Exercises)