Penis care. Penis Exercises.

The penis deservers more attention and care than anyone imagines. Do not neglect it because it depends on you to have an excellent sexual performance. Also, if it does not work well it can be a warning of several diseases. For example, if you see that your erections are no longer the same as before, your cardiovascular system may be broken.

Penis Exercises

We want to talk about the importance of erections, masturbation and pubic hair. We hope that from today you take into account all these tips and take care of your treasure. (Read about Penis Exercises)

-As well as if you want to have muscles in your arms and go to the gym without fail, the penis also needs to exercise. And there is no better shape than frequent erections. That’s what it’s made of. The more erections, the better sexual health.

-Have an active sex life. But avoid acrobatic movements and positions where there may be trauma to the penis. The Kamasutra is a specialty of few to be sincere.

“But, you know, erections are not always linked to sexual activity. (Watch Jelqing Video)

Nature is very wise and designed the mechanism of nocturnal erections. It is a reflex mechanism for the muscle of the corpus cavernosum (the one that allows the erection) to be oxygenated. (Read about Jelqing Device)

-When the penis does not have erections for days or months, it becomes atrophied and the muscle fiber loses elasticity. And each time they become more difficult. (Read about Thicker Penis)

– Night erections are associated with the phases of sleep. And they do not necessarily have to do with eroticism. You may dream that you are taking a math test and have an erection.

“It is very common to shave the genitals. But this habit is a risk to your health because it disrupts the normal genital flora and changes the conditions of the skin. All this could favor the appearance of infections.

– Use the soap you use daily. Avoid buying those that on their label say they are antibacterial because they remove the protective fat from the skin and favor the appearance of fungi.

-Get a reasonable cleanliness with mild genital hygiene products or glycerin base. But if you prefer, you can ask your trusted urologist to recommend a medicated soap.

– If you see that the quality of your erections has gone down, it is best to go to the urologist because it can be a sign that there are other things failing. Get a cholesterol test, go to the scale to see if you are overweight, get a sugar test, and frequently measure your blood pressure. (Read about Penis Enlargement Exercises)