Best and new Device for Penis Enlargement Exercises

Do you want to enlarge the penis naturally and safely at home? Do you want to stop feeling ashamed to show your penis? Then you are in the right place, because we are going to explain the only method used to grow your penis out of the surgery is costly and dangerous. Penis Exercises!

The natural penis enlargement exercisesworks if done correctly. The exercises do not take much time and are the true way to increase penis size safely.

Unfortunately, many guys who want to lengthen their penis do everything wrong. Follow the wrong program, do not follow the instructions of the penis exercises, and do not know some secrets to make everything work properly.

The formula to increase penis size.

The Penis Enlargement Exercises to grow the penis are the key to getting permanent results. In just a few weeks you will be surprised how big your penis is.

Getting started with your Penis Exercises program

Before starting a daily regimen of exercises to lengthen the penis it is naturally essential to know the basics.

For these penis enlargement exercises penis should be semi-erect. If at any time you feel too much stress or pain in the penis, it’s time to listen to what the body is saying and stopped before any damage is done.


Recommendations for your safety

Always do a warm up before you start.

Do not overdo pressure or intensity of exercise.

Never do these exercises with a full erection.

In the same way we exercises in the gym, you heat the muscles to don’t get hurt. It is no different with the Penis Exercises to enlarge your penis. This Penis Exercicses are also known as Jelqing Exercises.

Important Tips:

  • Start as far down as you can in the base of the penis.
  • Stop it shortly before reaching the end.
  • Maintaining a constant pressure.
  • It should not hurt

It is always important to pay attention to the warning signs, and stop when there is pain. Always be careful when attempting this procedure.

regular sessions

First week: 5 minutes a day.

Second Week: 10minutes day.

Third Week; 15 to 20 minutes a day.

The amount of force used can be increased as long as you creates tolerance to the technique. Both, the number of milestones such as increased strength will depend on each person. It is recommended to start slowly.

Day of rest

There must be a rest day for every 4-6 days of training. This is vital for the results to be permanent step.

Constancy is the key for Jelqing Exercises

How important it is how often to do exercises to make penis bigger? It is vital to be patient and consistent. You can not increase penis size naturally from one day to another without causing you injury.

Time and dedication.

Penis Exercises can be pleasurable and stress reliever. Think of it like any other exercise routine and reserve a few minutes a day to do the exercises. It is important that you feel comfortable with this technique to get the best out.

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