Weak erections? Penis Enlargement Exercises

There are several reasons for having poor or weak erections, however doctors today have described this disorder in four general causes:

  • Undetermined Origin
  • Psychological Origin
  • Physical Origin
  • Mixed Origin (Physical and Psychological)

Most of the 80% of the causes are physical causes, into these physical causes the main reasons are linked to some diseases of poor blood vessels, prescription drugs that can affect the penis circulation, abuse of substances as alcohol and forbidden drugs and other diseases as diabetes, this physical issues that can be the causes of poor and weak erections in some cases can be also a cause of psychological reasons, men who have bad sexual experiences due to a physical reason can also experience lack of self confidence in their next sexual relationship.

Years ago doctors related a weak erection in a direct way to aging issues, today is known that aging is not a cause of a weak erection, indeed a men over 40 years today can have harder erections that a guy in their 20’s. So the reasons are linked general to the health of the man and not related to the age, a men over 40’s can have better health and physical performance than a younger man.

After a visit to your doctor and sure that you are not suffering from any disease, you can exercise your penis if your aim is having harder erections.

There are some techniques and exercises that are performed for men who are looking for a larger and thicker penis and looking also harder erections.

Jelq Exercises or Penis Enlargement Exercises are the kind of gym or yoga for the internal penis tissues, men around the world exercise their penis to improve the health of their penis and motivated for having larger and bigger penis enjoy harder erections and better life and sexual performance.

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