Jelqing and Kegels -Penis Enlargement Exercises

Before beginning to do exercises to strengthen your PC muscle you will have to locate it. It is easy, when you are urinating suspend voluntarily the evacuation of urine cutting off the flow before you stop urinating. The muscle that you contract to do this exercise is the PC muscle. In fact, these type of contractions are called Kegels and train the PC muscle. Besides the exterior tract of the penis that is projected from the base of the abdomen up to the glans penis, which is the section is in sight, after the abdomen it projects itself inside the body covered by a series of muscles which in general terms can be called PC muscles.

The PC muscle or Pub Coccygeal Muscle is located in the whole zone of the pelvis, and you can also locate it behind the testicles and in front of the anus having direct contact with vital organs such as the prostate and the penis. To strengthen this muscle is also to strengthen and to give power to the functions of all the organs that the muscle reaches, improving their performance and health. Among other functions of these muscles of the pelvic zone named PC muscles is the ejaculatory, the expulsion of semen towards the exterior. A trained and strengthened PC muscle gives you the possibility of contracting to retain the ejaculation and then lasting longer in bed.

Having contact with the part of the penis that is projected to the interior, with a good training you will feel when your have an erection, that contracting the muscle will increase also the hardness of this erection. To strengthen this muscle is very easy; here there are 4 basic and simple routines to do it. The advantage of training this muscle is that you can do it when you are sitting down or standing up or speaking with someone and nobody will notice it. You will simply be able to do it in any moment.

You can also combine your Kegels Exercises, with jelqing or Penis Enlargement Exercises.

To combine both routines you can squeeze your pc muscle while you are doing a jelq workout at the same time, then repeat over and over again always doing both exercises at the same time. 15 to 20 minutes a day is recommended.

With both penis and kegels exercises combined you will notice awesome results, because kegels helps to achieve harder erections and jelqing exercises enlarge your penis in length and girth.