Penis Enlargement Exercises – Get a Thicker Penis

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I am the author of after 10 years in the Penis Enlargement Exercises world I encourage to do this blog to share with you some of the most common concerns regarding Penis Enlargement and allow you the opportunity to and Power J Gym users to share their opinions, questions, experiences and suggestions via this blog.

First I want to say I started out of curiosity, I am a lover of healthy living, physical training and fitness, I like to exercise my body and my mind, at some point I wondered, why not exercise the penis too? And I found in the jelq technique an easy way to do it, I like it because it doesn’t need pills, is not uncomfortable and I enjoy doing the workouts, hence the idea of a Penis Gym and that’s when the Power J Gym emerged. Is exactly that, a Penis Gym, in fact the best Gym for the Penis.

The market is full of products that simply do not work, are junk, full of promises that are not met and do not deliver what they promise, some of them are scams, others because they are uncomfortable to use and so many others because they simply are bad quality products.

I will share some of the most frequently asked questions with you:

The Power J Gym work?
This question is easier to answer, I always tell users the same, the answer to that question is in your hands, you don’t need to buy anything to know if jelqing techniques work or not, you can start as almost all of us started when we were beginners, just with some oil and own hands, a Jelq Device tool is to achieve goals and results faster, is for doing exercises pleasant and easier, as well as other advantages such as not using oil, but the is the same idea: jelq, the “milking” Penis technique.

Is the jelq technique helpful for Thicker Penis Exercises?
I think this is one of the points with more advantage of the Jelq technique.
The Jelq and penis enlargement exercises not only enlarge the penis in length but also in girth, and I think this is great because women are usually more interested in girth than length, that is simply because a thicker penis causes more friction in the outer areas that are the most sensitive of the vagina, as well visually for them is very sexy and exciting a thick penis.

How long does Jelq take to see results?
The answer is dependent on several factors, factors such as discipline, food, still others such as race and also routine workouts is very important, I think the best routine to gain quick results is Jelqing six days a week between 15 and 20 minutes, do not count jelqs, count the time, rest one day a week and then resume again and start your routine for other 6 days. You’ll see results in 15 days for sure. Note that a healthy life, good eating habits, exercise regularly positively impact on your results and your sex life.

You will get good results combining Power J Gym with manual jelq, for example here is what I do, after 20 minutes of Power Jelq, I do 5 minutes manual jelq, from my personal experience I can say that the results are excellent with the penis erected and also when the penis is flaccid state.

Jelq is not a miracle like those products who promote 3 inches in a week, that’s not true, but with Penis Exercises surely you will notice results in length, thickness and hardness of erections in two weeks.

Share with us us your comments, questions, experiences.